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Unique bird baths, small bird baths, metal bird baths

Unique bird baths give nature lovers a window into the world of our feathered friends. Whether you are looking for a small bird bath or a metal birdbath strictly for ornamental purposes or to attract your favorite bird species, we offer a birdbath to fit your needs. A small metal bird bath is very natural for wild birds and the sight of your feathered friends splashing about in your unique bird bath, even a quick glance through a window, will provide you, too, with a splash of pleasure.

A unique bird bath including small birdbaths, and metal birdbaths of brass or copper in your yard is one of the biggest attractants that you can offer birds and will provide beautiful decor for your backyard or garden.

A metal bird bath is a very unique bird bath and will not only provide birds with a comfortably cool swimming pool and bathing area, but a small metal bird bath is the easiest bird bath to keep clean. Your feathered friends will flock to your bird bath to cool themselves down and to get rid of pesky mites and dirt that can lodge in their feathers. Don't forget to shop our unique bird houses and bird feeders, birding accessories, and birding binoculars and add them to your backyard bird sanctuary.
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Black Lily Tripod Stand (SKU: LTS-01)
1 QT. Heated Bowl Stainless (SKU: ALLIEDPR90)
12 in. Heated Birdbath w/Metal Stand (SKU: ALLIEDPR400)
14 in. Bird Bath Deck/Pole - Heated (SKU: ALLIEDPR14B)
14 in. Non-Heated Bird Bath Deck/Pole (SKU: ALLIEDPR13B)
20 in. Bird Bath w/ Metal Stand (non-heated) (SKU: ALLIEDPR850)
20 in. EZ Deck Tilt & Clean Heated (SKU: ALLIEDPR650)
20 in. EZ Deck Tilt & Clean Non-Heated (SKU: ALLIEDPR645)
20 in. Heated Bird Bath w/Metal Stand (SKU: ALLIEDPR970)
All Seasons Birdbath w/Deck Mount and Feeder (Tan) (SKU: FIHBI150)
Antiqued Brass Bird Bath (SKU: ACHLABB02AB)
Aspen Leaf Bird Bath (SKU: ACHLABB04)
Aurora Water Wiggler (lighted) (SKU: ALLIEDPR7WW)
Bird Bath Cradle (SKU: ACHLABBC01)
Bird Bath De-Icer (200 Watts) (SKU: ALLIEDPR300)
Bird Bath Hanging Ring (SKU: ACHLABBH01)
Birdbath Country Gardens (SKU: STI3022)
Blue Fish Bowl & Stake (SKU: ACHLABBC12)
Burnt Copper Birdbath (SKU: ACHLABCB01)
Ceramic Dogwood Bird Bath / Cream & Pink (SKU: ACHLABBC22)
Ceramic Shell Bird Bath / Bronze (SKU: ACHLABBC16)
Ceramic Shell Bird Bath / Lavender (SKU: ACHLABBC17)
Ceramic Shell Bird Bath / Verdant (SKU: ACHLABBC18)
Ceramic Vinca Bird Bath / Aqua (SKU: BBC-21)
Ceramic Vinca Bird Bath /Azure (SKU: ACHLABBC20)
Classic metal birdbath. (SKU: CBB-01)
Copper Standing Bird Bath 18.5 in (SKU: SEWS60008)
Copperplated Steel Birdbath (SKU: ANCIENT955)
Crackle Glass Bowl Cobalt Blue (no cradle) (SKU: ACHLACGB01CB)
Crackle Glass Bowl Fern Green (no cradle) (SKU: ACHLACGB05FG)
Deluxe Birdbath (SKU: ALLIEDPR290)
Double Cattails Bird Bath (SKU: ACHLACTBB01)
EZ Deck Mount for 20 in. Bird Bath (SKU: ALLIEDPR75)
Floating Tank De-Icer 1000 Watts (SKU: ALLIEDPR7621)
Flower Bird Bath-Black Granite (SKU: AM93628B)
Four Seasons Sand Coated Ground Birdbath Tan (SKU: FIFS1)
Glazed Bird Bath-Blue (SKU: RGBA01111)
Grand Master 48 oz (SKU: PP220)
Greenleaf Birdbath (SKU: ANCIENT950)
Guard for Floating De-Icer (SKU: ALLIEDPR88R)
Hammered Copper Bowl (SKU: ACHLABBHC01)
Heart Shaped Bird Bath (SKU: ACHLAHBB01)
Heated Bird Bath (20 in.) w/Hardware (SKU: ALLIEDPR600)
Hummingbird Bird Bath (SKU: ACHLAHBBB01)
Illum. Blue Swirl BB w/KD Stake (SKU: EV5131)
Illum. Hanging Blue Swirl BB/BF (SKU: EV5141)
Illum. Red Swirl BB w/KD Stake (SKU: EV5135)
Iron Leaf Stand (SKU: ACHLABBS03)
Kozyfill Auto Birdbath Filler (SKU: ALLIEDPR7KF)
Lapis Bowl & Stake (SKU: ACHLABBC15)Lapis Bowl & Stake. Handcrafted ceramic birdbaths on sturdy wrought-iron stake.
Leaf Bowl Bird Feeder or Bird Bath Combo (SKU: BF-08)Made of aluminum, The Leaf Bowl's rich saffron and cinnamon finish is a must for your garden or backyard. Can be used as a Decorative bird bath or bird feeder!
Lily Birdbath (SKU: RGBA01282)
Lily Leaf Bird Bath II (SKU: ACHLALBB02)
Lily Pad Birdbath w/Reservoir (SKU: OPUS8190)
Metal Stand (SKU: ALLIEDPR89)
Natural Pottery Cover for Wiggler (SKU: ALLIEDPR5NC)
Neo Classic Black Granite Birdbath (SKU: AM93625B)
Non-Heated Dish White (SKU: ALLIEDPR500)
Pedestal and Bowl - Heated (SKU: ALLIEDPR670)
Pedestal Bird Bath Verdigris (SKU: RGBA01136)
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